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Our shared goal: to create efficiencies that simplify businesses into an optimal, profit-generating state.

 “You become a better business overall when
you’re working with TAG™.”

 -Corey Oakland, Red Onion Cafe

Hear how TAG™ has helped transform our client’s businesses. 

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A collaboration with many businesses, in a variety of industries.

Over the course of our two year relationship, TAG™ has proven their abilities to provide both readily available CFO-type oversight and phenomenal support of my business. I get accurate, real-time reporting and analysis that has translated into a bigger bottom-line for us. The timely and accurate job cost reports and the confidence we have in them have made my project managers better at managing the financial aspects of their jobs. They know their responsibilities and are now accountable for the financials on their project. Regardless of how busy we are, when my business spikes, the TAG™ support functions grow with me without a snag. It’s simple, efficient and really, the way I prefer to run my business going forward. It’s a true competitive advantage and I could have never afforded this level of support from a traditional in-house set-up.

Kenneth M. AntaramianPresident - Dete Development, LLC

Prior to using TAG™ as my personal back room accounting service, I found myself spending almost 40% of my time “managing” the financial side of my small business as a studio photographer, doing a poor job at best. For the last seven years, my business finances have been completely taken care, enabling a tightly managed financial picture of my business status at all times, through the services at TAG™. Having the confidence and security knowing that my finances are always accessible and accounted for every month is a huge load off of my plate. The best business advice I ever received was: do what you are good at and what you love to do and hire someone you trust to do the rest. Hiring TAG™ freed me up to focus my energy on the the productive and rewarding parts of my business....making great photos.

Camela LangendorfOwner- Varitay Studios

As a growing investment advisor firm, we were looking to outsource our bookkeeping processes to a firm who met our qualifications. We had a fairly complex set of requirements. After doing our diligence and selecting TAG™ we got our data quickly transferred and running smoothly, almost as if they were part of our internal operating team. Oracle® NetSuite software has a lot of functionality and the TAG™ team is great to work with.

Micheal AshkerIntegrator of Growth and Development, SkyOak Wealth

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