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Why is adopting a Cloud platform advantageous for your organization?

Making the move to an ERP is not an easy decision and takes time to understand what system is best for your business. But, one thing is for sure, adopting a Cloud platform is advantageous for your organization. There are countless benefits of NetSuite ERP, which will only help your business reach its full potential. From customizations to scalable pricing, NetSuite has long been at the top in the ERP space. Its ability to automate as well as a centralized backend for all core business processes are evidence that NetSuite ERP really has it all. Here are 8 benefits of NetSuite ERP:

Easily integrate third-party systems:
The advantages of this ERP software stretch well beyond its actual platform and can connect with a variety of different systems: HubSpot, Salesforce, Amazon, and Shopify to name a few. This integration enables users to keep NetSuite as their base system, all while continuing to manage other platforms that fit better with each of their departmental needs. Whether it be supply chain and demand management or eCommerce applications, the software designed by these partners can be integrated as an extra system of your NetSuite ERP. The solutions will tackle your organization’s challenges head-on and provide first-rate results.

Establish visibility for your business:
NetSuite benefits enable certain features such as customizable dashboards, unified customer records, and real-time access, which are used to help make timely business decisions. These components create a highly efficient and personalized sales cycle, customer fulfillment, and above satisfactory service processes. It guides you to an automated space where everything is held in one core, convenient place. No matter how many users you have importing data, everything is linked to home base, making it easier to pinpoint errors and subsequently fix them.

Customize to fit your requirements:
NetSuite’s platform has over 30 different modules, which are extensive and help multinational companies consolidate their data as well as provide organizations with better visibility to their reports and analytics. NetSuite OneWorld is the perfect solution if you have multiple subsidiaries on a global scale and GURUS Business Intelligence (BI) is a sophisticated add-on that provides top-notch visibility into the business through high-end, customized reports.

Flexible pricing packages:
Moving to an ERP is a nail-biting decision. Not to mention, the price is typically what deters businesses from making the leap. Yet, here is another reason why using NetSuite is beneficial to your business. NetSuite’s pricing strategy is composed of four tiers: NetSuite BPO, NetSuite Started Package, NetSuite for Mid-Market, and NetSuite Enterprise. Based on the size of your business, the number of NetSuite users you require, and your professional goals, your ERP price tag won’t necessarily break the bank.

Centralize your business processes:
The typical benefits of an ERP enable you to connect everything to one core, i.e., marketing, sales, finance, operations. As an executive and upper management professional, you no longer need to go system to system to research numbers and analytics. Your customized dashboard in NetSuite will highlight the important reports. For example, if a sales lead comes into HubSpot, you can connect these two systems together and the leads will automatically enter NetSuite.

Scale your business:
An important benefit of NetSuite is its scalability. As your business grows, so does NetSuite. As mentioned previously, its four-tiered packaging allows for companies to expand alongside NetSuite. If your require more users, upgrade to NetSuite Enterprise or if you become global, switch to NetSuite OneWorld. When you launch NetSuite, know that you have a partner for life. The benefits of NetSuite are designed to suit you and your ever-changing business needs.

Automate for ease of mind:
Manually entering data from one system to another or relying on others to input it the same way you do, is a recipe for disaster. NetSuite avoids these crises by automating it all. There’s something to be said about inputting data somewhere and having it magically (also known as critical programming) appear elsewhere. This is the advantage NetSuite brings to the table. Automating all your data from beginning to end.

Multilingual capabilities:
The benefits of using an ERP such as NetSuite is its support of multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc. This provides a great service to international companies with subsidiaries in locations outside of English-speaking countries.

Based on the few benefits mentioned, such as the capacity for multiple language choices within its system and its ability to scale as your business grows, is the reasoning behind why NetSuite is the #1 Cloud platform. Don’t hesitate and make the switch, today.