How can you help your company grow even if you aren’t a Sales Representative?

Regardless of a job description, every employee represents their company and should have a keen interest in seeing it succeed. Just remember: No business = no jobs. Employees of a company should have a good understanding of whether or not they interact with customers, they must always put their best foot forward. This concept should not be news to anyone, since we are all customers at some point in our lives.

Our success depends on sales at every level of our company.

Harvey Mackay, Founder, MackayMitchell Envelope Co.

As an employee, you know how customers would want to be treated (having been one yourself). You know what solidifies your loyalty to a business, and what would make you move your business to another party. For example, a customer will not stick with a company based on their initial interactions with a sales representative. But, rather, they will stick with a company based on how they are treated as a customer long after they have already been taken care of. This will also determine whether or not they would refer anyone else to the business. Employees should be encouraged to bring any sales ideas to members of the sales team. Be open to any and all possibilities.

A company should depend on their employees to bring suggestions about potential customers to the table. This would help the sales team in finding new leads, etc. Make it easy for employees to present a consistent and clear message about your company. Create an “elevator pitch”—what your employee would tell a potential customer if they had 30 minutes to describe your company, what you services you provide, and contains a question that helps continue the dialogue. Every single employee should be familiar with the pitch so they know exactly what to say.

To conclude, a job title shouldn’t matter outside of your regular day-to-day routine. Everyone represents their company. Everyone is in sales. It is the only way a company will stay in business. However many employees you have should all be considered part of the sales team. Find better ways to collaborate together on new leads and better ways to bring in business. Bottom line: Solid sales will drive your ability to survive and thrive.