The recent changes and challenges faced by most business owners have been profound, and the fallout is even more acute for small business owners. We at TAG™ understand our client’s business, understand their uncertainty, and therefore understand that our job as their partner is more important than ever.

The benefits of having a strategic partner like TAG™ are valuable in the best of times but even more essential during a challenging period like this. While the state and federal leaders have been quick to act, the resulting stimulus bills and funding have left many with more questions than answers. As an integrated partner with our clients, we were able to help quickly and accurately adjust to the changes resulting from the coronavirus and lockdown measures.

Our client’s business is our business, which positioned us to quickly reforecast financials, reallocate resources and implement contingency plans. We were able to help them navigate local and federal funding options and any associated pitfalls. Most importantly, we will be with our clients every step of the way, providing expertise and resources, as they recover from this crisis and look toward the next phase of their business.

Partnering with a cloud-based finance and accounting expert makes your data more accessible and actionable, while providing greater insights into your organization’s financial health. TAG™ is that expert ally and will give you the time, energy and information needed to make sure you’re running the best possible version of your business.

How TAG™ Can Help

TAG™ provides cloud-based, pre-configured business infrastructure for all types of industries. Our experienced team of trained CFOs, CPAs and accounting professionals believe all businesses should have access to the same technology, best practices and expert services. Our process is efficient, secure, and accurate, allowing our clients to focus on growing their business.