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Meet Jack Carpenter

Jack was born and raised in Racine, Wisconsin where he developed a love for swimming, soccer, and art. He moved to Milwaukee in 2018 where he started Milwaukee Pet Nanny, a thriving pet care business. Jack moved to Hawaii in 2018 to expand on his personal interests and gain new skills, especially in permaculture and carpentry. He successfully used those skills to build a house for himself and his wife and, later, started a small carpentry and landscaping business. In 2021 he acquired his degree in Conservation and Environmental Science from the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Lately, Jack has been developing his skills in the digital work environment. He has always enjoyed the creativity involved with graphic design and is finding a new appreciation for working with data. He is TAG’s Lead Project Manager on Documentation & Quality Control and the Outsourced Social Media Director.

When he’s not working, he spends his time developing his land in Hawaii with his wife and indulging in his passion for surfing.