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According to CFOTechOutlook, automation helps small to larger companies to fully-optimize their finance and accounting processes so they can improve upon their growth and profitability. The previous way of collecting, recording, and interpreting data can take a long time, not to mention all the errors that may follow when done manually. This is time and wasted money that owners could minimize almost immediately. Especially now, during the current pandemic-environment, automation has become a business owner’s greatest resource at their disposal and they may not even know it. But, now is the time to switch.

Read below the three ways automation assists in accelerating the accounting and finance process and why it is imperative in successfully growing a business.



• Provides better business insights
• Delivers at the right times, offering accurate information
• Accurate and advanced analytics finds business trends, directions and opportunities in real-time
• These solutions help to make the right decisions


• An ideal way to make withdraw and capture in the finance and accounting process easier
Reduces the inconveniences of processing massive amounts of paperwork


Manual entry is time-consuming and tedious…resulting in errors
• Automation identifies and removes errors and redundancies from the finance and accounting process
• Accelerates the data entry process significantly with 100% accurate data